The best brain hack to be positive #HTipT #182

HTT 182

You can get out of the rut of negative thoughts and be positive if you learn how to rewire the thought pathways and create new positive pathways. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…

Feel the love #HTipT #181

HTT 181

Here are 3 hugs from us for you and what you do with a request to honour, appreciate and love a fellow artist.   Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…  

Make better decisions #HTipT #177

HTT 177

Tracy Margieson from the Arts Wellbeing Collective helps you understand how your values form a powerful compass for decision making. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: John: This week, we’re gonna talk to you about values because it’s kind of a compass.

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The best decision making tool #HTipT #176

HTT 176

The rule of 3 helps you make better logical decisions. This tip explains why and teaches you how to apply the rule of 3. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: This week, I’m sharing an awesomely simple decision-making tool. I’m John Paul

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How to create raving fans #HTipT #175

HTT 175

The secret of successful creative businesses is developing a raving fan culture. This tip gives you the 4 things you can do to create raving fans. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: This week, I’m gonna help you develop some raving fans.

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