First secret law of changing your world #HTipT #149

HTT 149

The matrix is true, the world is what you think it is. Think a better world when you learn a secrete law of Huna. The first law of Huna puts you in control of your situation. It’s up to you. The world is what you think it is.

Artist’s code of excellence revealed #HTipT #145


Professional artists have a code of excellence. We recognise excellence in art and in each other because of these 4 parts of our code of excellence. How do you rate your Passion, Drive, Discipline and Mindset?

Instant energy boost #HTipT #144


It’s important to be able to generate a boost of energy when we need it, without getting some sugar or caffeine. There is a really cool nautral 60 second breathing technique that will get some much needed oxygen to your blood. making you more alert.

With renewed focus, you can stay on task and feel refreshed, have clearer thoughts and feel more centered and connected.

Morning practice #HTipT #143


Your morning routine might just be preparing you for a productive day reacting to things. As an artist, it’s important to start the day proactive and in control of our thoughts and our emotions. This is a technique to create a morning ritual that is better than your current routine.

The Artist’s Medicine Wheel #HTipT #142


Your body is the key to feeling better, thinking better and feeling connected. This is a Native Canadian medicine wheel that explains how to bring body, heart, mind and spirit into balance. It all starts with opening the body and keeping energy moving through your body throughout your day.