3 tricks to talk to your intuition #HTipT #141

Your intuition is your best friend. It helps you create your art, ask for its help to create your career. To understand what your intuition wants you to do you have to have a conversation. Learn how with these three methods.



Video Transcript:

Here’s three tricks to talk to your intuition.

Hi, I’m John Paul Fischbach. I’m the Chief Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator. Welcome to this Hot Tip Tuesday. The title of the hot tip for this Tuesday is “Intuition.” Intuition is one of our greatest gifts. It’s the friend that we rely on to make decisions. You know what it’s like when it’s right, when that art piece is finished, when the moment in rehearsal feels right, when the direction needs to shift. You can feel it. It’s your intuition that guides you, and the cool thing about your intuition as artists is it’s about seizing the wisdom of that intuition in the moment.

So your intuition will tell you right now, “This is the right thing to do. Right now, this is the right choice to make.” You trust your intuition in the creation of your art. It has never steered you wrong in your art. So why is it so hard to take its advice in your business? Well, I believe it’s because we don’t treat our intuition as our best friend who has our best interest at heart. I feel we treat it as some external person giving us advice and we’re suspicious. But your intuition knows you. You can have a conversation with it. Here are three methods to have that conversation with your intuition. Now, for any of these three techniques you need to be calm and centered. So three breaths. Let go of any ego, let go of any expectation, and then try these.

Number one, a stream of consciousness writing. That’s where you ask the question, and you just start writing. You don’t edit. You just write, write, write, write, write, write. The second is to take a walk in nature. Once you’re centered and calmed, you just take a walk in nature and talk out loud. The reason you go do this in nature is that people are going to think you’re a little bit odd, but you kind of have this conversation as you walk because nature and exercise will help. And the third trick is to ask a best friend to roleplay your intuition, and say “Look, I want you to be my intuition for me,” and then have that dialogue. But their job is to roleplay your intuition. Now, in all three cases ask your intuition “But why? Why should I go in that direction? Why are you pointing me that way?”

As artists, we have an incredible gift of intuition, and intuition knows when it’s the right moment. Trust your intuition to seize that moment, to make those decisions, make those changes in your career, your life, your art, all of it. We’re really good at it, so trust that if you can trust it to have a conversation, your intuition, and your wise best friend will give you the answers. If that hot tip was helpful, please share it with a fellow artist. And when you need practical advice for your life and career as an awesome independent artist that you are, well, check us out at www.auspiciousartsincubator.org.


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