Call for artists submissions: 7 habits of success #HTipT #13

Your habits, attitudes and behaviour are totally in your control. It’s not what happens to you in life that counts it is how you respond to what happens to you that matters. Success is how you behave not what you’ve achieved. Behave like successful people and you’ll get success. Here’s 7 things you can do starting NOW.





Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m John Paul Fischbach, the Chief Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator. I’m going to welcome you to another Hot Tip Tuesday. The topic this week is the ‘Habits of Success’.

A bit of success is what happens to you on your journey but you know what? The real key to success and the real key to successful people is what’s going on inside. The habits and behavior of success. That’s completely in your control. Let’s go through the top 7 Habits of Success and see if you can find a way to bring those into your life.

The number 1 habit of success is to exude joy. Successful people are exciting, energized. See what you can do tomorrow or today to exude some joy.

The second one is to compliment. Successful people and success is about complimenting others. It’s about sharing your enthusiasm for someone else’s success. See what you can do today or tomorrow to just hand out lots of compliments and see how that feels. You’ll feel more successful.

Number 3: successful people accept responsibility for their failures. When something bad happens successful people don’t find the excuses and the blame. They accept full responsibility. The next time things don’t go the way you want try accepting full responsibility for that failure.

The fourth thing is successful people often keep a journal. They keep a sense of perspective about their life and how their life is tracking so they can go back and review their progress. Go out and buy that journal. Start keeping a journal, your thoughts, your ideas, your goals, your aspirations.

Which brings us to number 5; successful people set goals and develop plans. One of the keys to success is to have a goal and develop a plan to get there. Take a second and think of a goal that you have and then develop some plans to get there.

Number 6 is to operate from a transformational perspective. What that means is to stay in a place where you believe transformation is what’s happening to you. You are constantly transforming. Your world, your life is in constant transformation becoming something successful and fabulous so see if you can wake up tomorrow and operate from that idea and that belief that you are transforming.

The last one is that successful people continuously learn. There’s never a pause. There’s always something to learn. Look back at every day, look forward to tomorrow and see what you can learn.

That takes you to 7 Habits of Success. See if you can adapt some of those habits and some of those behaviors. If this Hot Tip has been helpful for you please like this video. If you know someone who can really benefit from this please share the video. Of course we really want you to more than survive. We want you to thrive. In order to thrive you need to subscribe. They’ll be a Hot Tip every Tuesday.


Let the term, call for artists submissions, awaken your inner entrepreneur.

How often have you seen these opportunities —  call to artist, artist open calls, calls to artists, international call for artists, call for artists submissions, open calls artists?  These are good opportunities to gain exposure but chasing them can be exhausting and sometimes depressing.  As artists we are often “opportunity heat seeking missiles” We are very good at popping our head up and identifying an opportunity. What you might be failing to recognize is this is how they grow their business.  So the next time you see call for artists submissions take this as a call to develop and grow your own arts business.

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