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2 easy ways to get more work #HTipT #184

HTT 184

There are 2 easy ways for creative entrepreneurs to get more art this year. If you learn how to leverage last year’s work you can generate sustainable income. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…    

Revolutionise your to-do list #HTipT #183

HTT 183

If your to do list is causing you stress and making you feel like there is just too much you need to do, here’s an awesome mental re-frame for this. Check out Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…

Make better decisions #HTipT #177

HTT 177

Tracy Margieson from the Arts Wellbeing Collective helps you understand how your values form a powerful compass for decision making. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: John: This week, we’re gonna talk to you about values because it’s kind of a compass.

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How to create raving fans #HTipT #175

HTT 175

The secret of successful creative businesses is developing a raving fan culture. This tip gives you the 4 things you can do to create raving fans. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: This week, I’m gonna help you develop some raving fans.

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3 Tips for Artists Who Use Email #HTipT #171

HTT 171

Are you using best practice email methods to market yourself and your art? Here are 3 top tips for smarter more effective emailing. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: This week, I want to help you send smarter more effective emails, so

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