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3 Tips for Artists Who Use Email #HTipT #171

HTT 171

Are you using best practice email methods to market yourself and your art? Here are 3 top tips for smarter more effective emailing. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: This week, I want to help you send smarter more effective emails, so

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You know 5 People Who will Help You #HTipT #168

HTT 168

There is support around you just ask. You are an inter-dependent artist. There are people who are part of your arts practice who want you to succeed. Build an Artist’s Advisory Circle to propel your business.

Control Your Time #HTipT #166

HTT 166

Controlling your time is up to you. How do you want to do it? Here are a series of questions to prompt a discussion to make some changes.

Market the heart not the art #HTipT #138

HTT 138

Learn to use Value Based Language to market your art. Stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit people receive. Learn what happens to your fans and customers emotionally and intellectually when they experience you and your art.

Get more people to value the arts #HTipT #137


If we can’t communicate clearly and persuasively about how our art benefits people. How can we expect other people to support us and our work?
Take this 7 day challenge to help people raise their awareness about the value and impact of art and creativity by spreading the message.