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As an artist you’ve chosen a life that is challenging, rewarding, inspiring and often difficult to describe and some times it’s also difficult to maintain unless you own and celebrate the fact that you chose it.




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Hi. It’s John Paul Fischbach here, the CEO and Chief Alchemist of the Auspicious Arts Incubator. This week’s Hot Tip is focused on the entrepreneur’s mantra. As an artist you have chosen the life that is challenging, rewarding, inspiring and often difficult to describe and sometimes often difficult to maintain but here’s the thing: it’s your choice. When it’s midnight and I’m still in the editing suite working on my short film I’m there by my choice. I’m loving what I’m doing. When it’s the weekend and I’m at my desk writing one of these Hot Tips for you it’s my choice. I love writing and helping fellow artists. I don’t complain because I’m choosing to do it this way.

I don’t do it all the time but the artist life is not necessarily a 9 to 5 sort of a thing. As artists we are natural entrepreneurs. We value freedom, creativity and we like having choice. I encourage you let’s embrace our creative nature, our love of choice as well as our need to control and be perfectionist. Maybe the last two we could moderate a little bit but let’s stop complaining and do what business entrepreneurs do and repeat the mantra I choose this life. Whatever happens, I caused it.

Remember that having your arts business is both a choice and kind of a destiny. When you talk to successful business entrepreneurs they take absolute responsibility and credit for their success and their failures. They all say it’s my choice. I encourage you to listen to how you describe your life. Are you complaining or are you choosing? Are you saying, I’ve chosen to do this or are you saying I have to do this?

Try it out this month. When you start to say I have to something, stop and say to yourself and to others “I’ve chosen to do this” and then if you really want to make some even bigger shifts in your productivity add the phrase “…and I feel great about it”. “I love to whatever the task at hand is”. Once you acknowledge that I choose this, I created this, I built this you take back the control. This trick of saying I’ve chosen to do this works on both the business side and the creative side. When there is an admin task that is looming say to yourself I am choosing to sit down and sort out my receipts and I feel great doing it.

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