Market the heart not the art #HTipT #138

Learn to use Value Based Language to market your art. Stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit people receive. Learn what happens to your fans and customers emotionally and intellectually when they experience you and your art.




Video Transcript:

There’s a real reason people buy your art, and I want to help you figure that out. I’m John Paul Fischbach. I’m the Chief Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator, and I want to welcome you to another Hot Tip Tuesday. We’ve gotten a lot of requests from people to give a little bit of background and a little bit of insight into value-based language. Now to use value-based language, you need to stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit and the value of your art.

Now, the idea is fairly simple. But the technique, that’s quite difficult to master. So you need to start practicing. You need to figure out how your art and how you as an artist actually benefit people’s lives. How does it change things for them? How does it stretch their minds? How does it open their hearts? There are emotional benefits that come from you as an artist and from your art work, and there are intellectual benefits, things that people learn. People think differently now because of you and your art.

If you can start to learn about the impact of your art, you will have marketing language that will do way more for you. The answer to why people spend their time and their money with you is the key to value-based language. They value you and your art enough to spend their time and their money with you. And it’s your job to figure out why and then just start using those words. You need to stop marketing the product because it’s always going to change in your world, right?

It might be this painting or this performance today, but tomorrow, it’s going to be a different painting, a different sculpture, a different event or a different play or a different concert. It’s also very hard to continually market the product. That’s called branding. It’s very expensive, and it’s very hard to do. But once you realize what the benefit of you as an artist and the benefit of your art is, that won’t change when the product changes. Now, the reason that people want to spend their time with you and spend their money with you is to receive a benefit, not to buy a product.

You’re in the emotion business, right? And your art, well it’s just the vehicle for that experience. If you don’t know what the value and the benefit of you and your art are to other people, well, just start asking your biggest fans and your followers, people that have known your work for a long time. Just ask them what they get out of it. Ask them how it benefits them. Ask them why they value you. Well, once you start hearing what happens to them when they experience your work intellectually, emotionally spiritually, you’re going to start to understand what the benefit of your art is, and it’s way easier to market the benefit than it is to market the product.

So that’s a tiny little bit of insight into value-based language. If you found this hot tip helpful, please share this video. When you need real practical advice about your arts business, please check us out at We’ve got some new programs launching soon. So check us out.

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