3 tricks to talk to your intuition #HTipT #141


Your intuition is your best friend. It helps you create your art, ask for its help to create your career. To understand what your intuition wants you to do you have to have a conversation. Learn how with these three methods.

Change your self esteem #HTipT #140


It’s called SELF esteem because you do it for you. When you work for yourself there is no one to give you the appreciation you deserve and need. Find out what you can do to change your self esteem habit.

3 Meditation Hacks #HTipT #139

Meditation is the one skill you can develop that will make the biggest difference for your arts business. If you can start every day with a clean clear brain you are ready for anything. This week JP shares 3 meditation hacks that can help you make meditation your newest and most important skill
With renewed focus, you can stay on task and feel refreshed, have clearer thoughts and feel more centered and connected.

Market the heart not the art #HTipT #138

HTT 138

Learn to use Value Based Language to market your art. Stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit people receive. Learn what happens to your fans and customers emotionally and intellectually when they experience you and your art.

Get more people to value the arts #HTipT #137


If we can’t communicate clearly and persuasively about how our art benefits people. How can we expect other people to support us and our work?
Take this 7 day challenge to help people raise their awareness about the value and impact of art and creativity by spreading the message.

Get the important stuff done first #HTipT #135


Are you too busy, are you keeping on top of all the urgent things but letting the important things slide?. This week, I’ll teach you a really simple time management trick that will help you accomplish some of the important stuff each and every week.

You are not in the art business #HTipT #133


We are artists, but we are not in the business of art, we are in the business of emotion. Understanding the real business we are in helps to empower our work and be more successful.