Get more people to value the arts #HTipT #137


If we can’t communicate clearly and persuasively about how our art benefits people. How can we expect other people to support us and our work?
Take this 7 day challenge to help people raise their awareness about the value and impact of art and creativity by spreading the message.

Get the important stuff done first #HTipT #135


Are you too busy, are you keeping on top of all the urgent things but letting the important things slide?. This week, I’ll teach you a really simple time management trick that will help you accomplish some of the important stuff each and every week.

You are not in the art business #HTipT #133


We are artists, but we are not in the business of art, we are in the business of emotion. Understanding the real business we are in helps to empower our work and be more successful.

Put better images inside your head #HTipT #129


You can learn to control the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. You can conquer nervousness, cheat fear and build confidence just by changing one word you say to yourself.

How to get donors for your art #HTipT #128


Getting and keeping donors, patrons and benefactors is complex and challenging but TOTALLY worth it. Here are some really great tips to learn how to get and keep donors and patrons for your art.