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You can learn to control the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. You can conquer nervousness, cheat fear and build confidence just by changing one word you say to yourself.




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Hi. John Paul Fischbach here, the CEO and Chief Alchemist at the Auspicious Arts Incubator with this week’s Hot Tip. The topic this week is words and images. What if you could conquer nervousness, cheat fear and build confidence? You can. This is part of the work we do with an artist to understand how the artist’s mind works and then gain control of it to create the future that you want. As artist we are very suggestible. We respond well to images and words. Once those images and words get into our minds our creativity can convert the works and images in our mind into amazing things or negative things.

The truth is our mind responds to images that we create in our head and the words that we say to ourselves. This is actually great because it means that you can control both the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. Check out Hot Tip Tuesday #19.

I’d like to offer you a very simple tool to manage these words and images. As artists we are sometimes nervous, meetings and presentations, openings. If you’re repeating words like I’m so nervous, I hate doing this, what am I doing and the images that you create in your head support those ideas we come into a pretty negative emotional physical state. You know that those words are not very helpful. You know from all of the Hot Tip Tuesday stuff that your thoughts create your feelings which create actions which create results. If you really want to run out of that room, the best thing you can do is start telling yourself how nervous you are.

Try this instead. Try changing the one word nervous to the one word excitement. Change nervous for excitement, fear for excitement, dread for excitement. The physical state is almost identical. The adrenaline, the feeling in your stomach so if you can learn that every time that you’re nervous to say I’m excited. It changes everything. It changes the pictures that you have in your head and psychologists will tell you that when you are nervous you are also excited. Just choose to focus on the excited, the curious, the challenge. Saying I’m excited rather than saying I’m nervous has actually recently been scientifically studied with artists and actors and musicians and athletes.

Have you ever said to yourself this is a disaster? I can’t do this. You’ve just told your mind that the situation is really bad and you can’t cope. If you change those words to this is a challenge. I can do this. I’m excited. I’m ready and willing to take this on instead. You no longer have the feelings of dread and fear. Substituting the word. It’s easy. Try it out.

Start with substituting nervous for excited. To underachieve you have to fill your mind with negative thoughts and negative images. To superachieve fill your mind with positive images and positive words. It’s your choice.

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