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Which idea next? #HTipT #56


Having lots of creative ideas is the gift and the burden of being an independent artist. In order to help you sort out the ideas whirling in your mind try this matrix of questions to get outside of your head and look at the options with a new perspective.

Sacred journey of art #HTipT #16


Making art is a shamanic act that moves through the medicine wheel. JP explains this powerful native paradigm and how we travel the wheel when we make art.

Stop the biggest lie we tell ourselves #HTipT #45


The idea of the starving artist is an insidious lie that permeates the arts. It’s time we take action against this two-faced daemon. It’s time to be out in the world as the abundant artist.

  • 24th Mar, 2015
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Why we love every artists #HTipT #41


Artists are the most valuable citizens we have. The ability to stretch minds, open hearts and change lives is exactly what the world needs. John Paul takes a moment to celebrate, honour and appreciate artists.

  • 24th Feb, 2015
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