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3 tricks to talk to your intuition #HTipT #141


Your intuition is your best friend. It helps you create your art, ask for its help to create your career. To understand what your intuition wants you to do you have to have a conversation. Learn how with these three methods.

One hour on Monday will stop you floundering #HTipT #96


The magic key to working smarter is planning, especially when it comes to reaching the goal. You need to plan the work and then work the plan. The first hour of your week is the time to zoom up, see the big picture and create the plan to achieve it.

Is my art viable? #HTipT #93


It’s not all about the money in the short term. There is a formula to determine if what you are creating is viable. It’s important to decide if this next venture is a good investment of your time, money and soul. You want to invest in “viable ideas”.

Design your ideal day #HTipT #90


Ideal days happen but you can create them if you know what makes an ideal day for you. How do you feel? What are you doing? How do you show up?

Excuses are your key #HTipT #88


If you hear yourself use an excuse for not having the career you could be having, it’s a tap from your subconscious to get you to notice the thing you want to change.

  • 9th Feb, 2016
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The power of challenge #HTipT #85


Neuro science shows us that we achieve our best when there is a challenge. We need to embrace challenges of creative expression as well as challenges of contribution to propel our careers.