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Easy Meditation for Artists #HTipT #121


Artists don’t need to learn conventional meditation, we have an easier way. We have an inner sweet spot that we can use to quiet the mind and restore our heart and soul. Video: Podcast:   Video Transcript: John Paul: Hi,

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What’s your story? #HTipT #108


What’s the story you tell yourself about why you have what you have in your life? Does it create pity or inspiration in others? Is it a story of reasons or excuses?

How to Re-boot Your Brain #HTipT #105


We expect so much from our brain, yet we do very little to help them maintain their optimal functioning. Here’s a few things you can do to give your brain some TLC.

The secret to how artists learn #HTipT #102


We learn lots but not all of it sticks. The reason is in our dominant learning style. As Visual / Kinesthetic learners, there’s a secret to help artists make the things we learn stick.

Is my art viable? #HTipT #93


It’s not all about the money in the short term. There is a formula to determine if what you are creating is viable. It’s important to decide if this next venture is a good investment of your time, money and soul. You want to invest in “viable ideas”.

Design your ideal day #HTipT #90


Ideal days happen but you can create them if you know what makes an ideal day for you. How do you feel? What are you doing? How do you show up?

4 Questions for Change #HTipT #83


Change is up to you. The wisdom to make big shifts is inside you. Here are 4 questions that can open a dialogue with your wise unconscious mind and unlock your ability to change.