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Art grants for women: The power of NO #HTipT #82


Saying no boosts your confidence. People who have a hard time saying no, are more likely to experience stress, burnout, and even depression, all of which erode confidence. Here’s some smart help to develop the confidence that comes from saying NO.

  • 8th Dec, 2015
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Own your day #HTipT #72


It’s your day, your career, your destiny. Don’t let others drive your day. If you go to your inbox first you are letting everyone and anyone own your day.

The #1 thing to build confidence #HTipT #49


Self confidence is a habit not an attitude. You build confidence over time. But you can accelerate the process. For artists it is a balance of internal and external factors. The best thing you can do to build confidence is to make sure that you’re confidence isn’t determined by external factors.

  • 21st Apr, 2015
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How to pace your arts success #HTipT #47


Success in the arts comes down to focus and consistency. But we are too impatient for success to happen, so we jump from idea to idea. Pace yourself like other small businesses. Be consistent in what you create, and stay the course. How long should you wait to judge yourself successful? Successful entrepreneurs find something viable and focus their energy for 3 – 5 years.

  • 7th Apr, 2015
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One Important Thing #HTipT #04


You are the CEO of your arts career. It is up to you to steer the course to success. Each and every day you need to have a chat with your CEO self and discuss the one thing that you could do today that would have the most impact on your arts business. As opposed to the day’s list of tasks.