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Why do your fans love you? #HTipT #65


Your fans talk about you and your work. They market you to their friends. Find out why they love you so that you can market yourself the same way. Compliments and praise are good but not helpful for marketing yourself and your art. Find out why your fans love you. Ask them 3 simple questions that will give you the marketing words you need.

Market the heart not the art #HTipT #30


Learn to use Value Based Language to market your art. Stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit people receive. Learn what happens to your fans and customers emotionally and intellectually when they experience you and your art.

How to eliminate anxiety immediately #HTipT #46


Julie-Anne Black shows you a great trick to help you eliminate anxiety about a future event any time any where. When anxiety is created from a fear about a specific future event, it is also your unconscious mind tapping you on the shoulder to get you to focus on how you want things to turn out. By calling to mind the feelings and thoughts you will have after the successful completion of the future event you can eliminate the present anxiety.

  • 31st Mar, 2015
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Learn how to tell your Mum what you do #HTipT #10


Networking 101 for artists. Conversations = Wealth. People are interested in your process not your ‘label. Learn how to tell your Mum what you do. Share your passion and your struggles not your job title when networking.

Don’t waste any more time repeating tasks HTipT #09 Zapier


Use simple, event-based automation to avoid repetitive tasks.

Craig and John Paul discuss the immensely powerful Automation tools to multiply the power of your web applications. Save time and increase your results by automating tedious tasks in your Arts Business.