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30 Second Anxiety Buster #HTipT #163


You can beat anxiety if you develop a habit that interrupts your physiology. You can develop a habit of mindful breathing that will disrupt your stress response and let you make a different choice and take new action. Video: Podcast:

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Stop right now and breathe #HTipT #122


People always say, “take a breath”. We know that three calming breaths actually works, yet we don’t seem know know how to use this basic tool for our own wellbeing.

Easy Meditation for Artists #HTipT #121


Artists don’t need to learn conventional meditation, we have an easier way. We have an inner sweet spot that we can use to quiet the mind and restore our heart and soul. Video: Podcast:   Video Transcript: John Paul: Hi,

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The Secret Storehouse of Positive Energy #HTipT #74


What you focus on expands. You have the power to switch your thoughts to the positive. A whole heap of positive energy is stored inside Gratitude. Here’s a training exercise to practice digging the gratitude gold out of things we take for granted.

Do something about it #HTipT #32


“It is up to you to do something to change. If you want something go get it. When you expect someone else to meet your needs you end up getting shitty with them instead of asking yourself, “what do I need to do in this moment?”” rather than, “what do they need to do in this moment?”