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3 keys to changing habits #HTipT #111


We are what we do and 40% of what we do is habitual. There is a code that drives the pattern of all habits. Once you know this code you can create new ones and dismantle bad ones.

Design your ideal day #HTipT #90


Ideal days happen but you can create them if you know what makes an ideal day for you. How do you feel? What are you doing? How do you show up?

The power of challenge #HTipT #85


Neuro science shows us that we achieve our best when there is a challenge. We need to embrace challenges of creative expression as well as challenges of contribution to propel our careers.

Morning warm-up #HTipT #66


Artists know the value of the warm-up. But what about when you want to be at peak performance in your work day? This morning warm-up is called First 30. It is a warm-up for the mind, body and spirit all in 30 min at the start of the day.

  • 18th Aug, 2015
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