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Confidence vs. Conceit #HTipT #69


It’s important to be confident and not arrogant. Here’s a simple exercise to grow your confidence from the suite of skills and strengths you already possess.

Gratitude boosts emotional intelligence #HTipT #68


Working on developing an attitude of gratitude is responsible for more energy, better sleep and a 10X boost in emotional intelligence. Learn a simple exercise to start working with gratitude.

  • 1st Sep, 2015
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Stop being your own abusive lover #HTipT #19


Listen to what you say to yourself. Do you talk to yourself like an abusive lover? It’s time to believe in yourself and have a friendlier relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself like your best friend. Take pride in your accomplishments, acknowledge your strengths. Together you can take risks, stretch and gain confidence.

But I can’t do this #HTipT #18


We often convince ourselves that our limits are immutable. NOT TRUE! Self-talk in the form of justification for non-action is dangerous. Re-frame the conversation you are having with yourself.

Are emotions running your life? #HTipT #15


As artists we are highly emotional. That that is a good thing unless emotions are running your life. HTT welcomes Julie-Anne Black to share some tools to help manage our emotions and help us avoid being paralysed by emotions.