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3 ways to get and keep new customers #HTipT #187

HTT 187

Getting good customers to come back is the key. So getting more new customers needs to be your focus. Here are 3 ways to get new customers and keep them. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…

2 easy ways to get more work #HTipT #184

HTT 184

There are 2 easy ways for creative entrepreneurs to get more art this year. If you learn how to leverage last year’s work you can generate sustainable income. Video: Podcast: Video Transcript: …coming soon…    

Talk with your ideal customer #HTipT #100


The key to sales is sharing what you have with your ideal customer. What if you could sit down with your perfect client and have them tell you exactly how to get them to buy what you have to offer. Well you can. It’s time to put your powerful imagination to work for your business.

The Real Secret of Marketing #HTipT #71


The real secret of successful marketing is to be sure the message is created from THEIR point of reference. It’s OK to for your marketing to be what you want to say but it has to be worded from your audience’s position.

Small arts grants: The key to getting more work #HTipT #52

HTipT 52

Are you an opportunity heat seeking missile?
Are you tired of waiting for the next gig to come to you? Well you can break that dependency by creating opportunities. Replicate your successful projects and learn how you and your art serve your customers.

  • 12th May, 2015
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How to eliminate anxiety immediately #HTipT #46


Julie-Anne Black shows you a great trick to help you eliminate anxiety about a future event any time any where. When anxiety is created from a fear about a specific future event, it is also your unconscious mind tapping you on the shoulder to get you to focus on how you want things to turn out. By calling to mind the feelings and thoughts you will have after the successful completion of the future event you can eliminate the present anxiety.

  • 31st Mar, 2015
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