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3 tricks to talk to your intuition #HTipT #141


Your intuition is your best friend. It helps you create your art, ask for its help to create your career. To understand what your intuition wants you to do you have to have a conversation. Learn how with these three methods.

Change your self esteem #HTipT #140


It’s called SELF esteem because you do it for you. When you work for yourself there is no one to give you the appreciation you deserve and need. Find out what you can do to change your self esteem habit.

What’s your story? #HTipT #108


What’s the story you tell yourself about why you have what you have in your life? Does it create pity or inspiration in others? Is it a story of reasons or excuses?

Stop the mental abuse #HTipT #101


How do you talk to yourself in your head? It’s time to stop your inner perpetrator from hurling mental abuse. You wouldn’t let someone else talk to you like that…

2 step anxiety management #HTipT #97


It’s normal for artists to experience more anxiety than most so we need to manage it. It’s possible to recognise anxiety and wrestle back control so that we can continue forward. But like any great skill it takes practice and time.

Art grants for women: The power of NO #HTipT #82


Saying no boosts your confidence. People who have a hard time saying no, are more likely to experience stress, burnout, and even depression, all of which erode confidence. Here’s some smart help to develop the confidence that comes from saying NO.

  • 8th Dec, 2015
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