Tag: self improvement

Gratitude unlocks prosperity #HTipT #34


What you focus on expands. Gratitude attracts more and even more to be grateful for. Every day train yourself to make lists of all that you’re grateful for, and watch that list expand!

3 ways to change a belief #HTipT #48


The results you have in life are determined by the beliefs you have. If you want different results you need to alter your beliefs. There are 3 ways. There are three ways to break the pattern that has established your operating beliefs.

The way artists learn #HTipT #39


the secret to the way we become competent is to follow the formula, “learn, do”. Be curious, have a desire then go out and learn something then do what you learned. then go out and learn something else, then do it… Repeat! (if you don’t do it the learning won’t sink in)

Fine arts grants: Do it differently #HTipT #38


Three steps to improving results are
1. start doing it differently (change the pattern)
2. be smarter (go learn something, improve your skills)
3. mindset is critical (If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t . . . You are right.)