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The power of challenge #HTipT #85


Neuro science shows us that we achieve our best when there is a challenge. We need to embrace challenges of creative expression as well as challenges of contribution to propel our careers.

Market the heart not the art #HTipT #30


Learn to use Value Based Language to market your art. Stop talking about the product and start talking about the benefit people receive. Learn what happens to your fans and customers emotionally and intellectually when they experience you and your art.

Do you have a hobby or a business? #HTipT #29


You are an artist in business and as such you need to know how your business is doing. Start simply tracking the numbers. Money coming in, money going out. Start to learn what it costs to run your practice as a business. It is OK to operate at a loss for the first couple of years. But you need to be AWARE.

Do what you love and love what you do #HTipT #22


It is a crazy belief that you need to work at something else to support your passion. It’s way easier and more sustainable to build a business around your passion. Running a business is hard and when the going gets tough it is the passion for the art that will carry you through and help you see the value. When you love what you do for a living you never work a day in your life.

2 things to improve your happiness #HTipT #53


Happy people are more productive. Take control of generating your own happiness by making changes to your environment and your activities. Learn what makes you happy and add those things to your studio or work space and include those things in your weekly calendar.

  • 19th May, 2015
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How to pace your arts success #HTipT #47


Success in the arts comes down to focus and consistency. But we are too impatient for success to happen, so we jump from idea to idea. Pace yourself like other small businesses. Be consistent in what you create, and stay the course. How long should you wait to judge yourself successful? Successful entrepreneurs find something viable and focus their energy for 3 – 5 years.

  • 7th Apr, 2015
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How to wash your brain #HTipT #44


Every morning you wash your body and your teeth and put on clean clothes… but your hard working brain picked up more debris than your body, hair or teeth but I bet you didn’t give it any love and care? Learn how to rinse your brain every morning.

  • 17th Mar, 2015
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One Important Thing #HTipT #04


You are the CEO of your arts career. It is up to you to steer the course to success. Each and every day you need to have a chat with your CEO self and discuss the one thing that you could do today that would have the most impact on your arts business. As opposed to the day’s list of tasks.