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Control Your Time #HTipT #166

HTT 166

Controlling your time is up to you. How do you want to do it? Here are a series of questions to prompt a discussion to make some changes.

Morning practice #HTipT #143


Your morning routine might just be preparing you for a productive day reacting to things. As an artist, it’s important to start the day proactive and in control of our thoughts and our emotions. This is a technique to create a morning ritual that is better than your current routine.

Get the important stuff done first #HTipT #135


Are you too busy, are you keeping on top of all the urgent things but letting the important things slide?. This week, I’ll teach you a really simple time management trick that will help you accomplish some of the important stuff each and every week.

Own your day #HTipT #72


It’s your day, your career, your destiny. Don’t let others drive your day. If you go to your inbox first you are letting everyone and anyone own your day.

Where did I put that file #HTipT #33


We keep creating more volumes without a good method of retrieving them. Craig Lambie gives you a way to save your files and documents so that you can easily find them again.

  • 25th Aug, 2015
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