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Morning practice #HTipT #143


Your morning routine might just be preparing you for a productive day reacting to things. As an artist, it’s important to start the day proactive and in control of our thoughts and our emotions. This is a technique to create a morning ritual that is better than your current routine.

Get the important stuff done first #HTipT #135


Are you too busy, are you keeping on top of all the urgent things but letting the important things slide?. This week, I’ll teach you a really simple time management trick that will help you accomplish some of the important stuff each and every week.

Own your day #HTipT #72


It’s your day, your career, your destiny. Don’t let others drive your day. If you go to your inbox first you are letting everyone and anyone own your day.

Where did I put that file #HTipT #33


We keep creating more volumes without a good method of retrieving them. Craig Lambie gives you a way to save your files and documents so that you can easily find them again.

  • 25th Aug, 2015
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End your work day #HTipT #61


Repeated burn out is a major issue for independent artists. It’s vital to learn to control your work-day. There is no overtime so it’s up to us to learn to mange our time.

  • 14th Jul, 2015
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How to keep dancing in FLOW #HTipT #26


FLOW is the magical place of creation. A place that artists master. Bring the same magic into your business. Find the area where you want some growth, Rise to the challenge and polish up your most critical weaknesses until they become your greatest strengths…Pick a new challenge and repeat…

  • 7th Jul, 2015
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A superior to do list #HTipT #50

“To-do lists are great because it keeps you productive but I’ll bet you that the things that will make the biggest difference to your career aren’t on that list. We’ve developed a to-do list method that is ideal for artist entrepreneurs that helps you track the important things as well as the urgent things.