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Time saver in WORD #HTipT #91


There is a secret weapon inside WORD that will save you heaps of time. It’s the short-cut function that lets you repeat the last action.

  • 1st Mar, 2016
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Document Style Shortcut #HTipT #89


Professional looking documents have nice formatting all the way through. This is easily accomplished once you know how to use the little paint-brush tool

Help with WORD grief #HTipT #86


Alia Vryens, our resident WORD wizard shares the #1 tip to help you figure out what’s up when something goes wonky in your documents.

Win a week when you use your keyboard #HTipT #27


Using your mouse takes too much time and lowers your productivity. Our IT Guru and productivity master will literally save you minutes each day. And these five keyboard shortcuts will buy back an entire week of time over 1 year. If you are using your mouse to switch between programs, deploy functions, find and replace, take screen shots and alter text, STOP it now there is an easier way.