The #1 thing to build confidence #HTipT #49

Self confidence is a habit not an attitude. You build confidence over time. But you can accelerate the process. For artists it is a balance of internal and external factors. The best thing you can do to build confidence is to make sure that you’re confidence isn’t determined by external factors.



Video Transcript:

Hi. This is John Paul Fischbach, the CEO and Chief Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts with this week’s Hot Tip Tuesday Building Confidence. The number one thing to build confidence is to strengthen the inner game. There are internal factors and external factors. That’s tricky for us as artists because the external factors are huge. We put our art to the public and we get judged but your confidence is dependent on how you feel as well as how you are perceived.

Is your self-confidence dependent on external factors rather than the internal ones? There will always be external judgment. It just goes with the territory. There’s nothing you can do about that. It just is there but you can work on the inner game.

Building confidence is going to take work over a period of time. Self-confidence is a habit not an attitude. You become self-confident by trying things and discovering that you can do them. The more you do them the better you get and the more self-confidence gets built.

The best thing that you can do to build the inner game is do something outside of your comfort zone because doing something outside of your comfort zone can be therapeutic and it gives you an instant jolt of self-confidence more than anything else so go do something outside of your comfort zone.

Make it small, something easy but outside of your comfort zone then I want you to look back and celebrate your achievement. That action will establish the habit of confidence.

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