The way artists learn #HTipT #39

The secret to the way we become competent is to follow the formula, “learn, do”. Be curious, have a desire then go out and learn something then do what you learned. then go out and learn something else, then do it… Repeat! (if you don’t do it the learning won’t sink in)



Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m John Paul Fischbach, the CEO and Chief Alchemist here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator. Welcome to this week’s Hot Tip Tuesday. This week is about the formula, the secret formula ‘Learn Do’. We want to work smarter not work harder but in order to work smarter we need to learn how it is that we learn.

Now as artists we need to be kinesthetic visual learners. Meaning we learn best by actually doing something physically. We need to be able to see it but we also need to experience it, touch it, move, feel it. We’re kinesthetic learners.

The benefit of being a kinesthetic learner is once we actually do something we have that knowledge for life. We can’t forget it. Once we learn something we’ve got it for life as a kinesthetic learner so the best recipe for us to work smarter, is to follow this special, super-secret, super sophisticated formula. It’s called Learn Do. There’s something that you’re curious about? A desire that you have, go learn. Learn something, read about it, research it, however you want to learn it, learn it. Then go do it.

Then what do you do? You go learn something else and then go do that. Then you know what else you do? You’ll learn something else and you go do that. That’s the way that we work. That’s how we can be smarter. Work smarter not work harder. Learn it, do it. Learn it, do it. That’s all there is to it. It’s important for us to know that about ourselves.

If this Hot Tip was helpful please like this video. If you know someone else who wants to work smarter and not harder please share this video. Do you know it would be fun is I’d like you to let me know the next thing you learn and did. Write that below or if there is something that you’re curious about, a desire you have. Declare that you’re going to go learn it and then go do it because here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator we want you to more than survive. We want you to thrive. In order to thrive you really should subscribe because there’s a Hot Tip every Tuesday. Cheers.

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