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It’s important to know what a good website includes so you can get all the things you need from a website.



Video Transcript:

Hi. Craig Lambie here, the Chief IT Guru here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator with another Hot Tip because it’s Tuesday. This week I want to talk about the anatomy of a website. Why do you need to know what that even is? If you’re designing a site you absolutely need to know how to talk to your designer or just to talk to anyone about it if you’re talking to tech support maybe for another website or your own website helping navigate around that. It’s all about learning to navigate. Maybe helping someone else navigate around the site or someone may be helping you navigate around the site. It’s good to know a few of these terms to know what on earth they all are.

The terms that I’m going to go through Header, Footer, Sidebar, Content area, Widget and Image. Quick explanation of each: The header, usually at the top. It has usually a logo and maybe a menu in the header or at the top of the page. The footer, that is a great spot for putting contact details, how to find us, about us pages, things like that at the bottom of the page.
The sidebar, can be on the left side, the right side or even both sides. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the side at all but it is part of the site and it’s usually a place where you put links to related content not the actual content. Then there’s the content area. It’s sort of in the middle usually. It’s between the sidebars or to the left or the right of the sidebar obviously. That is where the goods of that page are, that’s where all the information related to specifically to that page.

A couple of the other terms, Widget. You know what a widget is, or probably not, because on the web that is just some little thing that contains something. It’s a little box with something in it. Maybe it’s a like button from twitter or Facebook or maybe it’s something that we use is TripAdvisor so that people can rate our website. It’s something usually that is from another website that you can put on to your website.
Image, of course images and video make a website sing and dance and that is what you want with an arts website in particular. The image is fairly self-explanatory but I just wanted to mention it because it’s one of the terms that we use in website anatomy.

That’s all for this Hot Tip. If you found this tip useful please like this video. If you have no idea what any of those things are write a comment below this video so we can have a conversation about it. I love talking to artists about things that they dont understand so that I can help you understand them better. Put a comment down below. In the comment box, another element of a more complex website like this one. That’s all for this Hot Tip. See you next time.

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