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The Artists Transformation School

...learn to be better at the art of business...

The most important things every artist needs to know in order to succeed in business in an intense twelve week online course.

In 12 weeks you will gain profound insight into how to make your artistic business succeed.

You will learn the proven, practical set of essential skills and knowledge you need to turn the art you are passionate about into the business that supports you.

The online platform means that participants can access the information they need at any time from anywhere, and the repeat viewing option means that the vital information can be accessed at pivotal moments in the business’s development.

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The only practical and proven training course for Artists in business who realise it's time to get their
business shit together.

Artist's Mojo that conquers fear, doubt and limiting beliefs is actually a thing...

What would happen to your career, if you could believe in your own success?

What if you had more self-confidence?

And what if you had a great coach & mentor who could help you work smarter not harder?

These are big issues for independent artists.

Artist's Mojo is a combination of 3 one-on-one sessions, a structured journaling process, and online modules developed to help artists remove blocks and achieve their potential.

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