What is an Arts Incubator?

While the concept of Incubators for Business has been around for a long time, the practice of Arts Incubators is relatively recent.

Arts Incubators equip cultural groups and arts entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and business know-how necessary to meet short and long range objectives.

Integrated facility and organisational development services are what distinguish arts incubation from a co-operative arts space or merely shared office space. The multi-dimensional relationship with clients and an ‘action based — real time’ rather than theoretical approach to management growth also sets arts incubators apart.

The Auspicious Arts Incubator offers a specifically designed, flexible suite of programs that enables each participant to gain practical skills and knowledge helping them to form and grow a sustainable small business which will thrive in the competitive market of the arts.

John Paul Fischbach presenting an idea to the room



CEO & Chief Alchemist

John Paul maintains a personal balance between business projects and creative projects. On the creative side he has written and published a children’s book, Phillip the Penguin, created the International Puppet Carnival, directed several independent plays and opera.

In 2011 has completed his first film, Shoelace, which has been screened worldwide in over 30 festivals. His transmedia project, True Secrets Melbourne, a smart-phone app was launched in 2013.

His newest project a comedy web series, Sex or Breakfast premiered in 2015. His e-book, The Australian Artist’s Survival Guide will be released in 2016.

John Paul has worked for over 30 years in the business and art of live theatre and special events. He has a unique combination of artistic creativity, marketing know-how and business acumen.

He has a long history of producing and directing theatre, film, festivals and site-specific events, from the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival in Los Angeles to an interactive performance at the Substation in Newport, VIC. He has lived and worked in the U.S., Denmark, England, Bali and Canada.

His arts management and marketing advice has been featured in monthly columns for Creative Foyer and Arts Hub.

John Paul Fischbach team photo
Alia Vryens team photo


General Manager & Opportunity Magnet

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Callum grew up with a heavy influence of music, theatre and culture. Callum began playing the Piano at two years old and later played the drums in a rock band. He attended college on a music scholarship and enjoyed writing his own compositions.

At 15 he moved to Adelaide, Australia and on completion of college joined the Australian Army as an Officer. He attained a Bachelor of Business through UNSW and during his studies he also enjoyed producing EDM and entertaining the crowds as a DJ.

After separating from the Army, Callum worked as the operations and marketing manager for Australia Wine Supply Group.

Callum has a love for travel, having visited 24 countries and recently completed a 5 month vacation around the world.

In 2017 he attended Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery Seminar in Sydney where he met John Paul.

Callum has a passion for photography, especially by night, and is committed to constant and never ending improvement in the areas of personal and professional growth. Callum has completed many courses in self development since the age of 15 and loves to share and make a difference to people’s lives where he can.


Design Authority & Microsoft Word Wizard

Alia Vryens is a practicing theatre maker, producer and performer working in the independent scene. As an Arts administrator and Project Manager, she combines extensive experience in the corporate sector with arts based practical experience.

Alia’s role with the Incubator encompasses graphic design & desktop publishing, general office admin, project management and social media marketing.

As a Microsoft Word Wizard, there is little in document-land that she doesn’t know how to fix. Alia’s always happy to help answer questions about battling PowerPoint files or Excel demons.

Alia Vryens team photo
Liz O'Brien team photo


Belief Buster

Liz O’Brien is a trained healthcare professional with clinical experience in stress and lifestyle management. She is also a tutor in wellbeing and stress at Monash University School of Medicine.

Liz works with individuals using strategies and tools to support them in becoming their best self and become their fullest expression of that.

She also works with organisations that need their people to be at the top of their game and give their best. In order to help them achieve that, she shows people how to manage their mental and physical energy to achieve peak performance and maintain a healthy work/life balance. The Health Enhancement for Living Program is practical, engaging and experiential. It incorporates evidence-based stress reduction strategies, information and cognitive tools.

Julie-Anne Black team photo


Producer of Bold & Irresistible Communicators

Julie-Anne is an international speaker, author and founder of Be Brilliant Now – a company which produces emerging leaders that are irresistible communicators. She is also part of the Auspicious Arts Incubator core coaching team.

Before joining the incubator team she was a top TV Producer producing shows including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and was a production manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. She’s since retrained herself as a mindset, body language and NLP Trainer and is now the Incubator’s Producer of Bold & Irresistible Communicators.



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